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Amel fitted an 800 watt pure sine wave inverter 24>220 volts to Bali Hai
We use this for mains requirements when the gen set is off and there is no
shore power. This solves the forecabin computer power.
The 12 volt supply is ancient technology as fitted to Bali Hai SM319, as
the Sailor 24>12 volt converters are only glorified resistors to drop the
voltage by dissipating it into heat. I therefore fitted a modern power
supply unit behind the panel to the left of the radar and this gives me
ample 12 volts as needed ( it is always on ).I then connected a car battery
charger supplied by my laptop manufacturer to provide 18 volts to my laptop
on the chart table. I have a major phobia about having mains power on or
at the chart table as there is a remote possibility of sea water coming in
and making me another electrocution fatality.
Incidentally if you are getting an inverter is should be a pure sine wave
type and not a modified sine wave if you are going to use the power to
charge high quality electronic equipment. The modified sine wave fools the
voltage sensors in some battery chargers and damages the battery or the
charger. I used to wonder why my laptop and video batteries did not last.
It became obvious when the modified sine wave inverter I was using
overcharged a Bosch drill battery thus melting the plastic socket on the

The idea of fitting a wireless LAN sounds dangerous as the radio waves
could well screw up some or all of the boats electronics with disastrous

Best wishes, John Hollamby

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