Re: solar panel

Dean Gillies

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 10:44 AM, Chris Doucette wrote:
have a single Victron Mulit 3kw and my goal is to have two of them for redundancy
This is the path I am going down too.  I will install one MP 3000 when I upgrade my system this year, and then think about whether I need/want a second one after I am using the system. Like many 54's my boat has a 24VDC water-maker mode. I almost never make water with 230VAC, and only then its just to give the 230V mode a workout. So maybe the 3000 is enough for me, time will tell!  A single MP3000 also helps ease the port/stbd balance problem when changing from all-lead to mostly-lithium batteries.
SV Stella A54-154 

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