After 14 months in the water

Alan Leslie

Hello fellow Amelians, stranded by you know what,

Last week I flew to New Zealand from Australia to be reunited with my beautiful boat Elyse.

I thought some may be interested to know that after 14 months in the water, mostly everything is OK.

Mille merci a JP (Eleuthera SM007), who has from time to time kept an experienced eye on Elyse in Opua Marina.
I had her hauled out for a wash, pics attached, and I have to say this is an excellent advert for PROPSPEED...look at that movement for 14 months !!
I changed the oil and filters on the Yanmar and the Onan...both started easily, no problem....water flow fineĀ 
The mainsail furls out and in easily as does the genoa, the main sheet winch needed servicing... a bit stiff
The only thing that doesn't work well is the water maker....even though I have a fresh water flush system, and JP made sure the water tank was full.....but the membranes are old, new in 2013, so not so surprising
AND , of course, as we would all expect, Elyse was clean and dry inside, no odour....even the bed was fine!....amazing...
So, I'm very impressed, and so happy to be able to be back on my beautiful boat.
Elyse SM437

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