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Consider mounting the pod and/or chartplotter near the center of the windshield. Most of the time you will be viewing the chart plotter you will be seated in places other than the helm seat. Additionally, if it is in the center, everyone in the cockpit can see it.

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On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 3:06 AM Eloi Bamberg <eloi.bamberg@...> wrote:
How did you mount and connect your chart plotter in the cockpit. I wanted to mount mine (Zeus 3s 12") in a Pod to secure it from theft, but i found it much to high (no more visibility over it), so i mounted it with the original mounting bracket behind the autopilot command. Does anybody have an idea how to protect it from theft other than removing it after navigation? Having 4 cables attached to it, i want to resolder those into one plug (to pass through the hull) if i have to remove it after each navigation but i am not sure whether it is possible to assemble power, nmea and ethernet into one plug without interferences. 


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