Re: [Amel] Leaving the watermaker for 5 months

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

given that you are in a very hot place and that things tend to grow there I guess given the choice I'd pickle it and know that the bugs we not be in there when I get back. Or if you are really concerned when you come back to the boat change out the membrain filters.. (if they are old and slowing down not a bad idea.)
Just remember when you startup the watermaker again make sure you have lots of good charcoal filtered water to flush it out.
Best of all things.
Richard and Joan SM 209

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Subject: [Amel] Leaving the watermaker for 5 months

I'm about to leave our SM on the hard for 5 months in a hot climate. There are various posts on this site suggesting I should not use a storage/pickling compound on the Dessalator watermaker as it is likely to damage the seals and end caps but instead I should just flush the system well with fresh water before leaving it. Has anyone experienced any problems leaving the membranes like this?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Jamie Telfer
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