Lewmar Ocean 58 Winch

Mark & Debbie Mueller

We had a line jam while lifting 120 pounds of dinghy out of the water resulting in a stalled primary winch overloading ending with an inoperable winch.  Lewmar indicates the winch control box will electronically cut power to protect the winch and as failsafe there is small fuse in the control box that will blow.  In our case the Ocean 58 winch circa 2007 with the EVC control box does not have the fuse as indicated in the winch control manual however the winch control electronics did protect the winch by blowing the board requiring a new winch control box.


For reference, the new ELS winch control box is a Lewmar part number 48000222 and it does have a 3 amp internal fuse.  This box is not physically identical but is a reasonably easy substitute and the most expensive “fuse or circuit breaker” I have ever purchased.


Attached is the Lewmar information for the new ELS control box, wiring information, and EVC Operation & Service Manual.

Mark & Debbie Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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