Re: Display VDS 215 MDS - nav table A54

Arno Luijten

Hi Stefan,

This is the link to the panel: There are several variations of this panel but the exact type on our boat was "M170EG01-VD", the same as in the link (see picture).

Make sure you do NOT buy the LED back-light option asĀ  getting this to work with the original controls from VDS on the front is a pain.
Taking the monitor apart is not hard but you do need to be careful with removing the back cover as the VGA/DVI/POWER connectors are attached to it. It helps a lot to remove the fasteners of the connectors once you have slightly opened up the back cover.
After the connectors are free from the back cover you can remove it completely. Make a picture of the backside before proceeding
Next you can remove VDS electronics (all hooked up with connectors) and get to the actual LCD panel.

The touchscreen panel can be found here:
Before mounting the touchscreen you need to remove the glass plate from the front fascia by peeling out/off the silicone caulking that holds it in place.
When mounting the touch screen panel make sure the connector is on the right side of the monitor (seen from the front).
The touch-panel has some double sided sticky tape to glue it to the LCD panel. Make VERY sure you do not get dust in-between! Also make VERY sure you mount the panel symmetrically and straight over the actual screen area of the LCD panel.
Buy some thin insulation strip for window/door-frames to put between the inside of the VDS front and the touch-screen to prevent dirt/moisture entering.
The ribbon cable folds around the LCD panel and use some double sided sticky tape to mount the touchscreen controller on the backside of the LCD panel. The USB cable can be routed outside the casing.

Good Luck!

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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