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Scott SV Tengah


I refused to pay any more money to Simpson so I just changed the wires without any modifications to the davits themselves. No problems so far and I wish I did it far earlier. 

When I had them changed, I didn't know how to splice a metal eye into uncovered dyneema and well, I had other things to get done, so I just paid someone to buy and make the lines for me. That said, it's really not that hard to splice an eye on uncovered dyneema. The end that attaches inside the davit has a regular spliced eye and the other end, the other end has a metal thimble to prevent chafe and strengthen the eye. I believe I used 5 meter lines. Very useful when I'm on the hard and wanted to raise big items up. :)

About the weights, I left the big weight on starboard side and the port side, I put a much smaller weight. Agree with Thomas that the big weight is another thing to worry about as it has hit me on the head once or twice. :) But I do think a smaller weight is useful as it helps when you have the lines fully wound up (eg- when you store dinghy on deck for passage) and then need to lower them. Not sure the weight of the lines alone will allow for easy lowering and winding onto the spool.

But yes, get rid of the heavy weight.

On Sat, May 22, 2021 at 4:33 AM Stefan Schaufert <mail@...> wrote:
Dear Scott,

I also intend to change the wires to dyneema.
After checking the gearbox I can not see why it is not possible without this expensive Simpson „dyneema“ set.
What do you needed the 100 Euros for?
4mm Dyneema is not that expensive :-)
Did you use dyneema with a polyester cover or without protection?
Did you do any changings on the gearbox/ motor?

Best regards
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