Re: Simpson Davits Maintenance

Scott SV Tengah

Personally, I think double braided dyneema (with polyester core) in this application is a mistake.

4mm Single braid (uncovered) dyneema has almost TWICE the strength as 4mm double braid (dyneema core with polyester cover). Further, with double-core, I am unable to reliably form an eye splice with a tucked cover. If I was concerned about chafe, I would rather have dyneema exposed than a polyester cover.  

Also, I don't think you should rely on the lifting lines to hold your dinghy. I only use it to lift and then use ratchet straps to secure the dinghy.

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 1:34 PM Stefan Schaufert <mail@...> wrote:
Dear Thomas, dear Scott,
thx a lot for your appreciated responses.
I will do it the same way, but (first) trying Dyneema with a polyester cover to have a better protection for the core.
Best regards
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