Companionway hatch removal

william reynolds

I've heard much discussion about renewing the vertical  companionway hatch.  The veneer on the hatch takes a beating from sun and rain. I've seen several boats that had their doors sanded and new veneer applied. The new veneer surface is less than 1/32nd thick and cannot be sanded.  It is an easy process.  A one day DIY project and shouldn't cost more than $100.00 US. (Woodworkers are charging much more)

A better solution - I  cut the door horizontally, in the middle,  reattached the pieces with a piano  hinge, added a gasket between the two halves, replaced the sweep and viola! I can now remove the hatch in less than 5 minutes. (See the results on the attached photos.) Cost was about $100.00 US including the hinge, sweep and varnish.   I have a full set of pictures of the process if anyone is interested
Bill Reynolds
Cloud Street SM2K 331

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