Re: New Zealand

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Robert,

We are in Opua since November 2019 and we’ve had considerable work done on our super Maramu. 

To be honest, the work force is very qualified. 

Whangerei is also good as is Auckland... (hence why Kiwis keep winning the America’s Cup) 

However, other than the Marlborough sounds area, the further south you go from Opua The more expensive things get. OPUA IS CHEAPEST. 

Remark: please include your signature,  name and type of Amel and its serial number and location. this allows people to better advise you on your request. 

Jean-Pierre Germain, SV Eleuthera, SM007, NZ

On 25/05/2021, at 10:06 AM, Robert Thomson <yachtmemo@...> wrote:

We are thinking of trying to get into New Zealand later this year on the basis Memo will need a refit. Can any one recommend New Zealand yards that would have experience of Amel yachts.

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