Re: New Zealand

Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Robert,

You might get in if your combined contracts are for many 10’s of thousand. 

Rigging: 2 companies in Opua. NSR. Or my preferred option: NZ Yacht Services. They rigged my boat 8 months ago and the work is perfect. The owner, Paul Smith, rigs nearly all racing boats in the area.. and there are loads of them. Price was very reasonable!!!

Lift out:  Bay of Islands Marina. Either hydraulic trailer or Travelift depending on your size. If you boat is a 64 or 60; it will be hydraulic. 

AntiFoul and Painting: Total Yacht Care

Bow thruster and Cdrive, Winches:  do it yourself. Simple chores!  But if you must, Brian Douglas Marine or Seapower. 


Jean-Pierre Germain, SV Eleuthera, SM007, Opua

On 25 May 2021, at 12:22, Robert Thomson <yachtmemo@...> wrote:

Thanks for your reply. As far as we can see we need to enter into a contract for the work before being allowed in. Is there any particular yard/company that you could recommend for the variety of work required, rerigging, lift out, antfouling, bowthruster, cdrive, winch service etc.

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