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Glad to hear from you and hope all finds you and your family well.

In regards to your electric bilge pump problem, my guess at the source of the problem is that anything that goes down any of the household drains is likely to be pumped out by the electric bilge pump. But I don't think the electric pump is designed well to pump debris, particles of food, etc. I think it's a good idea to minimize any particles that go down the drain. The rubber pump parts likely deteriorate over time with debris passing over them.

The Amel manual indicates its a good idea to use the hand bilge pump once a week to get debris out of the sump (also just to put regular use on the hand pump). The intake hose for the hand pump is directly on the sump bottom whereas the electric pump intake is about 5 inches from the bottom (to keep it out of the debris). If you don't regularly use the hand pump to clean out the stuff at the bottom, then it's possible that alot of stuff accumulates there. Another problem is if the electric pump is pumping at the same time you rinse off your dishes (pretty likely) then it will pick up the particles before they have time to settle to the bottom of the sump.

John Martin

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We had our Amel SMM 2000 for only about 8 months. However, we have had to switsh out the small rubber valves in the electrial bilge pump twice. Is that pretty normal?

S/Y Linnea
Walter Lundstrom

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