Lofran windlass electro motor

Slavko Despotovic


I am on the anchor in Croatia and my windlass stoped working, so tomorrow I have some hard work in front of me. 26m of chain plus anchor. What I found is that motor is not functioning well. during turn there is a lot of sparks and smell from rotor. And there were some small parts from copper on the deck bellow the motor. My conclusion is that I need new motor. Motor is 1200W 24V but I can not find one. There is 24V 1500W that I can order and have it in few days. Anyone changing 1200W with 1500W? My guess is that are the same size so it will fit on the Tiger. If there is any other idea what I can do I will be grateful.

Regards from sunny Croatia.
SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse in Portoroz

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