Re: Amel 54 Secondary Saltwater Manifold made by SOFOMARIN of welded polypropylene pipe

Martin Birkhoff

Hi Peter,
it is like always: sailing means changing plans. We did not leave as expected for a longer trip, so I found time to replace the manifold earöier than expected.
Attached three pics. 
The lefthand part of the new manifold is mounted exactly on the level of the old manifold. I used the same screw hole for screwing the attachment clamp as used by the original manifold. I added a second clamp too. Unluckily the attachment clamps given by Nicolas had 22 mm width why they did not fit properly to the 17.5 mm available on the manifold meaning the attachment has to be improved the next days. 
Because I had no 19/20 mm hoses in stock (I thought I have ...) and could not get some here in St. Martin I decided to use the old hoses like they were to get the system running. The result is not perfect but it is ok. Hopefully I will get new hoses in the next days. Then the installation will look much better (and less organic). The same with the wiring of the bonding system.
The important result: The new manifold can be mounted with the nozzles straigt down. But to be honest, after doing the mounting, I would prefer an angled nozzle at the right valvue which is closed on the pics (outlet to watermaker).
After checking the available space I can say, this compact version of a new manifold can be fitted with angled or with straight nozzles. Both will work. It will be a matter of the tubes, wirings and all the other equipment around which will determin the best solution. 
Hope this information is helpful.
Best regards
Martin und Anke Birkhoff
SY Mago del Sur

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yes please send photos of completed manifold installed - please.
Peter Forbes
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On 18 May 2021, at 19:22, Martin Birkhoff <mbirkhoff@...> wrote:

Hello Bill, hello to all interested in the manifold for a 54

by coincidence we spent some weeks in La Rochelle. I decided to order the manifold in the Sofomarine shop directly. Taking this opportunity the people of Sofomarine asked for a visit aboard of Mago del Sur because they made the design of the manifold by photos only. After some measurements Nicolas designed a more compact version of the manifold. The left hand part with the three valves of this version now fits in between the cockpit drain and the plywood stringer portside to it. Photos of this version attached.

I should add that there is an option to fit one valve more at the portside end of the manifold. I think this is possible in Bills version too.

The straight nozzles instead of the angled nozzles are fitted according to my wish.

The price of this compact version is 339.90 Euro incl. 15 % discount (thanks Bill) and incl. 20% French VAT. Freight not included.

I hope to do the installation within the next two weeks and will post pics of the result.


Mago del Sur - 54#40



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