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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Kent;

We have selected the yacht-sentinel. An outfit out of the UK. It has all the functionality you are looking for and more. It is wireless, so it installs very quickly. It has a lot of sensor options. It comes with an installed SIM card with cell access on most cellular providers. So notifications can be sent from anywhere that cell service exists. For areas that do not have cell service, they have a satellite communication option for an added cost. 

We purchased ours in 2019 but had not been on hoard until a week ago. I have not had any time with the system. So cannot give you any feedback.

I looked at quite a few different systems but found this one the best fit for our needs.


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Hi everyone, I hope this finds everyone happy and safe...and sailing!

I want to install an alarm sysrem, and wondered if anyone has installed a GOST sysrem?  I found the system that Bill R used and recommends, but was looking at all options.

If anyone has a GOST system, I'd be interested in your experience.  Any other systems anyone uses?

Also, what anchor alarms are you using?  Our B&G Zeus doesn't allow us to mark the anchor position without going through a lot of mental gymnastics, Alarm zones only sound when you enter the zone.   Others we've tried as cell phone apps aren't much better.  Some security systems have the ability to track the vessel if it is stolen, and that got me wondering if it could also be used as anchor alarm.  My old "The Capn" nav program allowed me to draw an alarm zone based on length of rode, which could be set to alarm when you left the zone.  It was really easy, but haven't found anything like that since.

Thanks for any thoughts and/or help.

Be safe
Have Fun
Sail Fast
Kent & Iris

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