Help for checking a Mango in Fort Lauderdale

Christophe <c.lascombes@...>

Hi all of you,

I'm a new member of this forum, I'm a french sailor living in Germany and I was the owner of the Kirk n° 1 in the 90s bevor I was forced to sell him because of a bad divorce. Please excuse my bad english. I'll try to do my best to bo understood...

I need a little bit help from one of you (if it is possible, of course!). I'm looking for a Mango and I've found one (on Internet) in America, precisely in Fort Lauderdale. On the Internet site of the merchand, the boat looks very nice. Before I ask the US embassy to have a visa and take a plane to come to Florida und perhaps be then desapointed because the boat ist not like what the merchand says to me, it would be nice if someone who lives in Florida (perhaps in Fort Lauderdale?) and have some knowledges about sailboats would go to the merchand and have for me a look at this boat.
I'm also interested in all informations about the actually situation (price level ?)of the sailboats market in USA, because I don't know the merchant and I cannot know if he really says me the thruth about the state of the boat and if the price he wants to sell the boat is correct?

You can write me in german or french, in english also but you habe to write with simple phrases, because my english is not very good.
I can also call you back on the phone

Thank you very much

Christophe LASCOMBES
Am Schmidtgrund 66

Phone: +49 172 25 25 864

e-mail : c.lascombes@...

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