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Alan Leslie


This is information from NZ Customs regarding yacht arrivals in New Zealand.

  • Foreign flagged yachts are still not permitted to arrive in New Zealand unless specifically exempt.
  • Application for exemption can be made to the Director-General for permission to arrive in NZ if there is a compelling need for the ship to arrive in NZ either to re-provision and/or refuel OR for the purpose of delivering the ship to a business, including for the purpose of repairing or refitting the ship OR for humanitarian or other compelling needs.
  • In all cases, a ship is not permitted to arrive unless every person on board is a New Zealand citizen, or satisfies NZ immigration requirements.
  • There is information about the requirements on the Ministry’s website and applications can be made directly to the Ministry of Health.
  • In order that the Director-General can fully consider the application, skippers will be required to provide the following information in the application to the Ministry of Health:
    – name and nationality of the ship
    – the size of the ship
    – the business in New Zealand to which the ship is being delivered
    – why there is a compelling need for the repairs and refit to be carried out
    – why there is a compelling need for the repairs and refit need to be carried out in New Zealand
    – the nature and purpose of the repairs and refitting
    – schedule of intended works/equipment purchased for repair, refit or refurbishment
    – the time required to complete the work
    – the total value of the work (must exceed $50,000 excluding GST)
    – written evidence of a contract for repairs and re-fitting
    – number and nationality of crew members
    – voyage history including last port and date of departure before coming to New Zealand
    – state of health of crew and any measure taken to ensure they are not infected with COVID-19 before leaving their current port
  • If granted permission to enter NZ, the crew will need to self-isolate on the vessel for 14 days after arriving in NZ. Please provide your isolation plan.
  • Officials from Immigration New Zealand have advised the crew cannot enter until the vessel applies for and is granted an exception to the border restrictions and the crew have applied for and been granted the right visas.  If granted an exception (based on the fact the Director-General of Health’s has granted permission for the vessel to arrive) then the crew will be able to apply for an exception to the border restrictions.
  • Crew will be invited to apply for visas and undergo visa assessment process only if the Director-General of Health has granted permission for the vessel to arrive.
  • For more information refer to the following website

NOTE : You need to have an application APPROVED before you leave, otherwise they won't let you in. Last year a German yacht tried it on, the crew were arrested and deported and their yacht confiscated.

Good luck

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