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When there is a will, there is a way.

Here is a message from Anna Eriksson on Vista. They were in French Polynesia (where we are and where we met them) and got permission to enter New Zealand. They are not the only ones who have been approved to sail to New Zealand.


Here comes a short update from New Zealand for those of you thinking of coming here in the coming season. We have just talked to our agent, see the contacts below. It is still closed and will remain so until April next year, he thinks. Vaccination is hopefully done then.
The only reason for coming here is still for refit & repair - it needs to be crucial - concerning sails, rigging, engine. The sum is set to 50 000 nzd (around 30 000 $). You need to specify some contracts, even though the costs are estimated. Marina fees are included, but not insurance. Covid will not count as a reason.
In case you want to come - apply in good time - now it is fine even if you sail in October. There is a long waiting time even here and the bureaucracy is big. They have just changed so you have 3 months to come here once you got the visa. So checking out in Bora bora is a great option.
Technically you can apply yourself, but we thought it was well worth the money to have an agent. It was very insecure and it took us 3,5 months to get the visa (in the middle of November).
The Immigration trust the agents and Duthie have got yes for all, except one big boat that obviously lied. Duthie is working independently and is not taking % of the refit & repair.
All boats enter in Opua - works excellent - and it is easy to find the way into a quarantine ponton. Maybe you are worried about the food control (I was) - in those times of covid they do not enter the boat, but they do ask all the questions from the pontoon and you have to show and leave food that is not ok here.
If you want to stay in the Bay of islands it is a beautiful sailing area. There is just a small shop for food in Opua, so most people buy a car if they stay there. There are several marinashops and craftsmen in Opua.
Our plan A was to stay in Auckland - it is not that easy - it is super-crowded and one is not allowed to live in the boats.
So we did as many have done before us, went to Whangarei. It is up in a river for 2,5 hours and lastly, you have to get a bridge open for you. In the practice once a day at high water. In Whangarei, there are several marinas - Town basin, the biggest closest to the small town, and Riverside Drive marina - a small family-owned marina close by. There are a lot of craftsmen around and prices seem to be a bit lower than in Auckland. We have changed the standing rigging for a very good price for example.
Hope this was helpful.
Wish you all a great season in FP.
Kind regards from Anna on Vista - an Amel supermaramu
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