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Patrick McAneny

Craig, Its not the die ,it is that the manufacturer would not be interested in gearing up to make one insert,certainly not for near the price we paid. I think you would need more than a few buyers to make it practical and bring down the cost of production per unit. I remember they had to make a special purchase of materials to produce the inserts ,I doubt they would want to do that for one unit ,unless one owner was willing to cover all the associated costs , at that point it would be cheaper I would think to purchase the insert directly from Amel.
SM Shenanigans

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Hi Michael,
 The new rub rail inserts, in an off-white, are fantastic. Frankly, they look better than the original brown (imho). As Pat notes, installing them does seem a bit more difficult than the originals, but totally manageable. (I removed my old ones every few years and it took about 2-3 hours to reinstall - new ones took about 8 hours over two days.)
Pat -  didn't the original 11 orders cover the cost of the die such that you were totally reimbursed? I don't understand why Michael would need six others to make it practical?
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