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Patrick McAneny

I had not thought about this before this post ,we set an anchor alarm with our AIS when conditions warrant it  . It just occurred to me ,had I set the radar alarm when three rental catamarans  anchored 100 yards upwind of me ,it may have woken me before the 47 ft. one drug down on me two yrs. ago at 4 am.. I am now finally getting my repairs finished next week. I lost 11/2 yrs. of use and hundreds of hrs. of work and aggravation ,because Dream Yacht Charters rents boats to anyone with a credit card. To date they have refused to reimburse my ins. co. Panteanius or me my deductible ,even with a signed document by the other guy excepting full responsibility. I will in the future have my radar on if there is a rental cat anywhere around.
Is there anyway to amplify an alarm on a B&G plotter?
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That's interesting, Danny.  What brand?  My AIS  is incorporated into my B&G Zeus.


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