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Patrick McAneny

Dave, I am going down today to install the other side and before I start I will cut off about half of the lower lip. With that I expect to be able to install it in two or three hours , there is no reason that the lower lip needs to be as wide as the upper lip and it makes it so much easier to install. I too am very happy with the insert/gutter and the white looks very good against my freshly painted forest green rub rails. 
We have always had a huge problem with spiders living under and in the rub rails , so before I installed the inserts ,I placed a piece of plastic gutter guard material inside over the drain holes ,(typically installed in gutters to leave water pass thru ,but to keep leaves out sold at Lowes) ,this should prevent spiders from hiding inside the rails and yet leave water out. Just thought I would pass that along ,in case others have a spider problem like me.
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Pat, I just installed my new inserts.  The soapy water spray is definitely the way to go, but I did not have all the trouble it sounds like you had.  Definitely a slow process, but I used a large flat blade screwdriver and it probably took six hours to get all of the rail installed.  Really quite happy with the results and I would not change a thing.  And thanks again for arranging the group purchase!

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