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Hi Kent and Iris,


If in an iffy anchorage, I use a simple motion sensor and alarm. These are often marketed as gate or driveway alarms. They are battery operated, inexpensive and effective. We have only felt the need to use it a few times (Caribbean Islands). I temporarily place the motion sensor near the companionway in the cockpit and the alarm is in the aft cabin. When not used it is stored without the batteries in it. This allows us to sleep soundly at night.


If I remember correctly, I purchased this from Harbor Freight in the USA for US$15.00


We also have an motion sensor light under the arch. This is not really for security but more so for when we arrive back at the boat (on anchor) after dark and forget to leave a light on. I guess it may work as a deterrent.


In re to products such as the GOST, I really do not see any value since in order to monitor the vessel when away, both the boat and the person need internet connectivity. Since we use our phone most of the time for internet, if the phone is with us, the boat has no internet. Internet connectivity is an ongoing challenge in remote areas.


For an anchor watch we use the watch function built into our Nobel Tech Time Zero software on the ship’s computer. This can be activated with one click. Also, very easy to adjust the swing circle. This works without the need to run the monitor (power hog). The computer draws minimal amps and the speakers are very loud. This is always on if we are on a mooring or the hook.


We  have also used a free anchor watch app called DragQueen. Very easy to use and set up. It requires the tablet to be plugged into a USB port all night and uses the GPS in the tablet rather than the ship’s GPS.


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Hi everyone, I hope this finds everyone happy and safe...and sailing!

I want to install an alarm sysrem, and wondered if anyone has installed a GOST sysrem?  I found the system that Bill R used and recommends, but was looking at all options.

If anyone has a GOST system, I'd be interested in your experience.  Any other systems anyone uses?

Also, what anchor alarms are you using?  Our B&G Zeus doesn't allow us to mark the anchor position without going through a lot of mental gymnastics, Alarm zones only sound when you enter the zone.   Others we've tried as cell phone apps aren't much better.  Some security systems have the ability to track the vessel if it is stolen, and that got me wondering if it could also be used as anchor alarm.  My old "The Capn" nav program allowed me to draw an alarm zone based on length of rode, which could be set to alarm when you left the zone.  It was really easy, but haven't found anything like that since.

Thanks for any thoughts and/or help.

Be safe

Have Fun

Sail Fast
Kent & Iris



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