Re: Installing rub rail inserts

Craig Briggs

Hi Darren & Karen (how alliterative ;-) and any others interested in replacement rubber rub rail inserts. 
You're right - these are not Stainless rub rails. These are replacements for the original brown rubber inserts that go the full length of the FRP Rub Rails and which over the years take on a nasty chalky brown that cannot be restored effectively. 
Pat McEnery on Shenanigans found a Miami, FL manufacturer of extruded rubber products (like dinghy rub rails and dock bumpers) and sent them a section of his old insert from which they made an extrusion die and several of us ordered our replacements, sharing the cost of the die. 
The product was excellent and was an off-white instead of the original brown. So far it seems not to be prone to UV deterioration and looks great.
See my previous posts for the direct contact with the company - they do ship internationally, although I do not know the cost. Mine were $890US (no shipping charge as I picked them up at the factory) and I only needed 88 feet, being a SN not a SM. Your cost would be somewhat more, of course.
This is a small family business which I found very creditable after visiting the factory.  The contact person, Paula Murador (the owners daughter)  is most helpful and can certainly walk you through a purchase. I think she would like to get several orders together and then offer a group discount, but you need to contact her directly. Here's her contact info:

Paula Murador

Director, Account Manager

9401 NW 106th ST # 111 | Medley, FL 33178
Office: (305)888-6324


Here's a picture of a sample section installed on my boat.

Cheers, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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