Re: [Amel] Autoprop on SM 302


Hi Ian, I was told by Mr. Carteau a long time ago that the entire drive
train, prop included, is protected by the anode system in place with the
zincs on the rudder. Mr. Carteau said that the prop would be "over-zinced"
if one were to replace the red plastic with a zinc in its place. Subsequent
discussions with naval architects and marine engineers that I hold in esteem
back up Mr. Carteau's claim, as if I should have questioned the fact.
In all seriousness, the other opinion guys also said that it "probably"
would not hurt the prop because the zinc is not very big. Probably is not my
favorite adverb and the red plastic thingy is cheaper and lasts longer too.
Last thought, of all the SM53' I resell with the AUTOPROP, when we haul them
out of the water for survey, half have the red hat, half have a zinc.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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