Downwind sailing on Amel 54 and storm jibs

Paul Harries

As a prospective buyer of an Amel I am so appreciative of the information on this forum, reading the forum messages provides a superb education unavailable elsewhere. I have recently been reading "Heavy Weather Sailing" and my obsession with the Amel approach to boat design and build has been further reinforced!

I do have a couple of questions I cant find answers to though:

I am unable to find anything on the internet regarding downwind sailing on the 54s, I gather unlike the Super Maramou it is not possible to fly true twin headsails, but the 54 is Spinnaker ready and has an inner forestay with furling staysail. Does this setup work as well downwind as the Super Maramou? Does the 54 rock more than the Super Maramou on prolonged downwind passages? Has anyone done a video on 54 sail utilization?

Do any of you carry storm jibs?
Any problems with jibs unfurling in heavy weather on either a 54 or super Maramou?

Thank you

Paul Harries
Prospective Amel Buyer

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