Re: For those that missed the first procurement of Rub Rails

michael winand

Hi Ken, we would be happy to buy a set,  made enquiries last time. Shipping costs to Australia were not viable. 
So we are a maybe,  once we know what it takes to get them to Australia. 
Ours are still in good shape. But we will be doing a topside rejuvenation in the next few years, so they would be great to have ready. 
Michael  Nebo sm251 

On Sat, 29 May 2021 at 1:46 pm, Ken Powers SV Aquarius
<ken@...> wrote:
Thanks Pat,

But, it's only fair if we should share in the cost of the die as well somehow!  Let's see how many owners that are looking to upgrade their rub rails!

Can you tell me the weight of a set of rub rails for a SM?


Ken Powers
Sailing Aquarius

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