Re: Downwind sailing on Amel 54 and storm jibs

Porter McRoberts

Downwind the fore sails are the power. 
We commonly also fly the Mizzen in lighter winds prevented out. Adds a knot and unless you’re DDW doesn’t steal wind from the Genoa. Once everything is prevented and poled the main then can be used to minimize roll. The problem with the main is overlap of the Genoa when on the same side.   But once the wind moves up from 150, hold on, you’re in the sweet zone. The boat takes off with all sails to keep. 

I’m sure some could criticize the following: we commonly use the main pulling it tight, prevented pointing right into the wind or just off to the side. It flogs but very minimally if tight and dramatically reduces roll. It’s then easy to feather the main in and out as required to reduce roll. It also contributes the top end to speed, so as we creep up into the 8s or 8s putting the main away de powers the situation greatly and you’re back in control with minimal thrash.   Getting the topping lift just right is critical as you want all of the sail as equally tensioned as possible to prevent unequal loading.   It looks weird.  But the crew loves a stable ride. 

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Considering the problems mentioned above what sail configurations do you typically utilize in the 54s downwind sailing?

Paul Harries
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