Re: For those that missed the first procurement of Rub Rails

Patrick McAneny

Ken, I have just had my hull ,painted with Awlcraft slightly off white and the rub rail and boot stripe in forrest green,the new white inserts look great against the contrast of the dark green. I also had my bottom sand blasted ,sealed the keel and hull with barrier coat and this week I will paint the hull ,then finally back in the water after being on the hard for 14 months. The old girl has never looked better. Let me know if I can be of any help.
SM Shenanigans

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Thanks Pat,

Let's wait to see how many people are interested in purchasing new Rub Rails.  I just had my solid Rub Rails painted with Gel Coat, and the outside hull from the waterline to the rub rails was also sprayed with new Gel Coat.   The work also included painting stripe just over the waterline with Red Gel Coat.  When Aquarius splashes in December she will be like new from the rub rails to the bottom of the keel.  The new white Rub Rails are a must.  :)

Each person should chip in the $54, and we can donate these funds to the Amel site.   Let's see if anyone else is interested.

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