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I have read with interest various methods of powering notebook computers. I have done this successfully, but through a different approach. Targus do a splendid line of accessories for those on the move with lap tops. They make a range of neat compact power supplies for most lap tops that will run from a DC input voltage from 2V to 24V. When you order, you chose the appropriate connector for your make of laptop. The appropriate web page is and the price is US$119.99.

Although I have a 1300W inverter, apart from the dangers of having 220V near the cockpit opening whilst under way, it makes more sense not to waste unnecessary quiescent power on such a lean item as a laptop, so I bought the Targus. I fixed it with industrial Velcro under the computer shelf and connected it via a 'free type' cigar lighter socket that I wired via a fly lead to the 12V terminal box at the back of the nav desk. I wired the socket supply through a push pull switch mounted on the left hand vertical panel above the nav desk so that I could easily switch the Targus off when the computer was not in use. I chose the 12V terminal box rather than the 24V one to reduce the stress on the power supply, especially when the yachts batteries were being charged. The set up worked faultlessly and there was no RFI from the Targus unit, unlike some small inverters.

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