Rebuilding the main furler worm gear box...seal orientation


Hi All,
I'm rebuilding my gearbox for the electric furler on the Mainsail.  Not the manual furler gearbox, but the one attached to the motor.
I just did this a year ago, and there's water in it again.  The shaft seemed smooth, and the race for the two upper lip seals was slightly pitted, so I used RTV sealant.

I'm pretty sure the recommendation is to orient the seals so that they keep grease IN (ie with the springs facing toward the gears), but I'm thinking about orienting the two upper seals, or maybe just the outer one, with the springs facing up to keep water out.  I don't think there should be any issue with the grease coming out of the top of the gearbox.

Anyone ever try this?  Thoughts?  One seal or two turned around? Or leave as is and do something else?

Thanks in advance.

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Kent & Iris
Still in St Michaels, MD, USA, hoping to sail to Maine this summer, but just discovered the forward head holding tank leaking around the copper discharge pipe...UGH!!!  Glad to see all the previous posts about how to fix it. 

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