Re: Downwind sailing on Amel 54 and storm jibs

Sv Garulfo

I don’t know how people use their poles, but we have twin poles on our 54 and we never need much muscle power to set the one stored along the mast. 

We lower it with the winch, secure it against the staysail while it rests on the pulpit. Pass the lines. Raise it a bit, detach it from the staysail, swing it aft. Tension the various lines and finally tension the halyard. As always, it’s easier with 2 people but manageable singlehanded. 

The secondary pole, stored on the deck is more work, for sure. We used it during our Atlantic crossing in twin pole configuration. We set them before we left the Canaries and removed them after arriving in Barbados. We extended the genoa sheets to be able to use it with either pole without having to move the poles forward. Perhaps unconventionally, we also passed the gennaker sheets the same way to be able to use either of the twin sails on either side. We were able to run downwind 30° off DDW either side. 

I think our A54 was originally rigged with the 3 groove furling tube for genoa/ballooner twin sailing, but i suspect the previous owner had to abandon it when he upgraded the furler to a Reckmann, that may not have been compatible with that tube... shame. I know a55 have Reckmann furlers, but did Amel rig some of those with the 3 groove tube?

Regarding storm jib, a tiny bit of main sail, being forward of the keel, would also do, i suspect. 

Hope that helps

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On 30 May 2021, at 03:48, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

BTW, in support of the SM owners, yesterday I was training a crew new to a SM. A small young lady set the pole of the Starboard side. I sincerely doubt that she could have set a 54 or 55 pole. When I was sailing from the Canary Islands to Martinique with about 6 Amels, the only Amel that finished ahead of us was an Amel 55. It finished 1 hour ahead of us but should have been much quicker. The two small ladies could not set the pole. And BTW another SM finished 3rd and was about 1/2 mile behind us aboard BeBe, SM 387.

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On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 8:51 PM Courtney Gorman via <> wrote:
Yes it’s heavier but as 60 year old no problem to handle 

On May 29, 2021, at 7:17 PM, Paul Harries via <> wrote:

I get the impression the 54 pole is heavier than a pair of SM poles? Is that the case? Is it over engineered? I would have thought a lighter pole might be a solution. Rather break a pole than the mast.

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