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Using my bow thruster, I can put Sundance sm349 into many small places. With using the rudder alone she is slow to respond at low speed. If you want maneuverability like a race car, you have to have a hull like the Beneteau 41.5 first---a huge freely hung elliptical rudder. I had one and could drive it backwards like a car. The price you pay is a very active yacht on the open ocean, hell on a auto pilot, and extraordinarily vulnerable to getting sheared off or damaged.

It is hard to have every thing in one boat. The Sm 349 is comfortable, safe, sails well, and my friends are in awe of it. Only thing I would like is a baby forestay, a wider slot for the main, and one foot decrease in mast height. There is no such thing as perfect, but this is great. Murray Seidel sm349. 910-470-1225----- Original Message -----
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Subject: [Amel] Suggestion on Super Maramu

Dear Amel's Owners, I'm looking to buy a blue water cruiser to be used by myself and my wife for short time cruises in the Med while awaiting the opportunity to dedicate more time to sail. We are thinking to a second hand Najad or HR, size 43-46 but because a lot of people told us the Super Maramu can fit our needs, I would be most grateful to any experienced Super Maramu sailor for sharing experiences/comments on managing this boat in a so reduced crew. While we can easily recognize the quality of this design we are obviously mainly worried by manouvering in narrow harbours, so common in the Med. Many thanks in advance for any suggestion useful to drive our choice. Yours sincerely, Nilo

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