Re: Mainsheet Traveller replacement on an early Super Maramu

Stephen Davis

Hi Mark and Nicky,

We own SM#72, and I’ll attach a picture of our main sheet traveler. The early SMs had Lewmar travelers, and sometime not too long after our hull number Amel switched to Antal. It is a bit odd, as all other blocks on our boat are Antal like every other Amel. Our traveler still works fine, but the plastic rollers on the ends fell apart, and I rigged the block you will see in the picture for the traveler adjustment lines. I do lose a bit of adjustment, but it works fine for my non racing style. If I ever have to change the traveler, It will require removing the track, filling the holes, and installing new track with a new traveler. I can’t find any currently made traveler that will fit my almost 30 year old track. The blocks on the end of the track were also made by Lewmar. They were made of some composite material which finally disintegrated with the UV. They were fairly easy to remove, and I had a very talented machinist in Port Townsend make me new ones out of anodized aluminum with beautiful sheaves this winter, as nothing was commercially available. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Anchored in Poulsbo, WA

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