Re: Fuel Bladders

Scott SV Tengah

On our 54, we have 900 liters tankage and have never felt like we would run out of fuel. From March 22, 2020 (start of Covid) until sometime in July 2020, we made a nearly 4900 nautical mile passage between Panama and Hawaii with a week of sub 10 knot winds. We weren't full when we left Panama and we arrived into Hawaii with around 600 liters remaining and didn't get to a fuel dock until the third island we visited. 

Carrying fuel is not without risk. On the rail, you have concerns about a big wave taking it overboard or water leaking past leaking cap seals. A leak inside a locker would be a nightmare, imo.

My personal strategy is more solar (we have 960w), efficient charging (eg - lithium) and light wind sails. We don't use our genset much but I would think that relying on that adds Onan reliability concerns on top of fuel availability concerns. As David mentioned, this last year, getting parts into French Polynesia was an absolute nightmare.

Better to reduce your reliance on diesel. And it's good for the environment, to boot.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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