Re: Fuel Bladders

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

On Aquarius we have the standard 600 liter tank, and when we crossed the Pacific we had 8 x 25liter plastic jerry cans, and 2 x 25liter stainless steel jerry cans.  Z and I were very worried we would run out of fuel, and filled everything we could before departing Salinas Ecuador for the 3500 nautical mile crossing to Hiva Oa.  We didn't need any of the fuel on deck.  But, I did have to transfer all the fuel into my tank after we arrived in Hiva Oa, what a waste of time!  I think the price of fuel was the same in Ecuador as Hiva Oa, so just made more work for myself.  We burned about 300 liters of fuel on that crossing.   

I don't think I would never do that again.  I do however always carry a few jerry cans of fuel in case my main fuel tank gets fouled.  And, I may want to carry more fuel in the future if I'm going someplace that has super expensive fuel, but I will not carry extra fuel just for a crossing.  Almost everyone I know crossed the Pacific and arrived Hiva Oa with more than 1/2 a tank remaining without using any fuel strapped to their decks.  I believe Henri Amel knew how to design a sailboat for crossings, and Henri knew haw big to make the fuel tank.   But, if you plan to stay in a location that has no fuel for a long time, or you want to become a fuel carrier for other boats that were not designed to circumnavigate, add more tankage.

With all the solar, the gensets are running less and less, thus another reason not to carry additional fuel.

Ken Powers

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