sv ABAYOMI #cal-notice


Dear Amalians,

Happy Days!!! 

We were always convinced there is only one type of boat to circumnavigate this blue planet comfortably and safely! A boat designed by Henry Amel himself!
It appears we were not the only one who had come to that conclusion:)

After Months of seaching and beleaving the right boat would cross out pads we can anounce 

We have become the proud and new owners of the Amel Super Maramu hull no 158.
The yacht, formerly known as NATHAPE after the exceptional nice and dear previous owners Nathalie & Hanspeter will be baptized soon as sv ABAYOMI

Abayomi: Bringer of happiness; Born to Bring Joy

We feel humble and proud to be part of this extra ordinairy group of Sailors.

Our great thanks also to Bill Rouse for his great effort, excellent advise and assistance in the purchase.

Hope to meet you one day somewhere on this beautifull blue planet.

Happy Sailing to all,

Eric & Els Opdeweegh
sv Abayomi
Hull 158  
Soon sailing from Italy through the Med to the Azores and The Netherlands

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