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Patrick McAneny

I bought the seals months ago and being confused as to how they were to be installed ,I have not installed them. It would be helpful to see a photo of these seals installed in position. I have a set and a couple of weeks ago ,uncertain how to install them ,I installed my bow thruster in the original manner. Could these assumptions be confirmed.
1. Would I be correct to assume that the Amel supplied oil seal is not installed and that the larger female seal is installed in its place ?
2. The smaller seal just slides onto the shaft and moves up and down with the shaft and fits into the main seal when the thruster is lowered?
3. The foam seal is eliminated or its interior diameter is enlarged enough to allow the smaller seal to pass through and seal against the larger seal ?
4. If my assumptions are correct ,than these seals would only come in contact with each other ,when the thruster is in the down position , which is not when I have had water leak into the boat ,it has been underway in heavy seas.
5. Will these seals keep water out better than the oil seal we have used to this point. I only had leaking once after I failed to replace the two foam seals on the exterior ,thinking that they looked good ,but must have been compressed and lost their ability to seal properly. 
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To EVERYONE that has installed the new gaskets, and everyone that would like to buy the new gaskets. 

I don't think it wise to ship these gaskets without a good set of instructions!  I am working on a set of instructions, but NEED SOME HELP.  I have not installed these gaskets, and not sure I am getting the process down properly.  Please review my drawings, and let me know 1) If there is anything wrong, and 2) how to make them more understandable.  Please correct anything you see wrong, and I will change it, and everyone will get a good set of instructions.  Best adhesives and other products used would be nice to know as well.

We all want our Amels to be perfect!  I know page 4 and 5 might be overkill, but it's probably how I am going to do it.  Let me know your thoughts.

Ken Powers

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