Re: BT seals

Jose Venegas

Hello Ken and future users of the silicone BT seals,

I am truly impressed of the interest of using my design of the silicone seals.  I feel I could have started a company :)

Perhaps it will help if I explain why I ended up using two different seals (Wiper and lip seal)  in series instead of just one.
Not knowing whether either seal was going to work well, I decided to request one of each to test how well the fit on the space.  
When I received them I realized that I could place the lip seal first, facing down (NOT UP as in your drawings) and then place the wiper above it as shown in the pix.  Note that both seals should have the lip facing down to prevent water intake. This would double the sealing mechanism which I think is the reason for the longevity of the design. Also note that you can place them in the opposite order (but same direction !!) and it may still work well as I have heard from others. 

 So far I have had it in place for more than 4 years without changing them and have no water intake, even in two occasions were I forgot to bring the BT up for a few minutes while on the way, or compress the neoprene donuts with  the pin.  The softness of the silicone seals allow some motion without opening a slit thus preventing water ingress. With the old seals the misalignment of the seals and the trunk would have deformed the seals and damaged the for ever.

How to do it:

 Use silicone sealant to seal the bottom of the lip seal against the fiberglass bottom and side surfaces. 

Then I added sealant to the top flat surface of the lip seal also and aded the wiper with the lip FACING DOWN also.  

This lets half of the wiper protruding above the fibre glass opening but it still has good attachment against the top surface of the wiper and the side of the fibre-glass opening.

Place some weight over the wiper to push it agains the lip seal and leave the silicone sealant dry overnight.

Add the neoprene seal but only glue it after you have passed the trunk to guide its proper location.

Before you bring up the trunk, because the diameter of the lips is slightly less than the trunk’s diameter, It is NECESARY to use the wood insert provided by AMEL to service the BT on the water, also to help sliding the trunk up once the seals are in place. A little silicone grease will also help.  If you don’t use the wood wood, you will find it very difficult to insert the trunk up and you may ruin the wiper.

Here are two pix that may help

Ipaname SM2K 278

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