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Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Hello All,


The appetite for the Jose designed seals was completely unexpected.  


Currently I have ordered 20 pieces at $70.50 per set not including shipping.  I don’t expect the shipping on these seals to be expensive being they weigh next to nothing.  The delivery is 3 weeks.  They should arrive in Vegas by the end of June.  I will have 18 pieces to sell from this batch.


The current requirement for these seals is about 75 sets, and I guess it sez a lot about the Jose designed seals.


I asked the manufacturer if there would be a price break for higher quantities.  The answer was “$70.50 is as low as they will go”, and they said that “the quantity does not matter. The price and the delivery are almost completely due to the material.”


Thus, anyone can order 20 pieces and get the same price.  I don’t want to afford to order 80 pieces at $71 each, or $5600.  It would be a very large pain in the Ass as one person wrote.



There is one problem with these seals.  I have corresponded with two people that have installed these lip seals.  Both failed at the first attempt, and the $81 set of seals were scrapped.  This is not acceptable, and the reason why was because there was no instructions on how to install them properly.   One person that failed at the first attempt, installed the 2nd set upside down, which might be the best way to install them.  Then he sailed 4000 miles without any hint of water leakage.  There needs to be clear and concise instructions available to anyone that buys these seals.


Here is what I will do.


  1. I will take down all the information about installation, and put together a set of clear instructions that should work for all of us.
  2. The first people that Pay the $81 for each set plus $15 shipping and handling for US delivery will get the remaining 18 units. 


Send me an email to ken@..., I will tell you how many are left, and you can send the payment via PayPal.  I will message the group when all have sold.


I will post my installation instructions as a message for more discussion with the group. 




Ken Powers




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