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Here are the instructions as I understand them.  There still may need to be some changes for the final draft. 

Steve Davis and Jose should give their thoughts before I would say the instruction set is complete.

Option 1). This is how Jose installed the New Silicone Lip-Seals.  And Jose wrote that there should be not problem with the Wiper becoming detached.
Option 2). This is how I understand that Steve Davis installed the Seals for the second time.  He tried Option 1 and had problems.  He has sailed 4000 miles without any hint of water intrusion.

I would lean toward Option 2 because there is more surface area of the upper Lip Seal in contact with the wall of the Lip Seal Cavity.  For this reason I believe Option 2 to be a superior installation.

BUT, If my experiment with a machined Teflon Bow Thruster Seal Cap is successful, Option 1 with the cap would be the ultimate solution!

Steve and Jose should chime in.  This thread should only be used for preparation of the BT Seal Instruction Set.


Ken Powers
In Thailand aboard SM2K#262

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