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Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

To All,

I think the Previous Topic has become too large.  The interest in the Jose designed Seals is a bit overwhelming.  I have already placed a PO for 20 sets, and paid for the 20 pieces.  To this point 13 have been paid for in my Paypal Account.

Ken (me) - 2
Taun - 5
Nick - 2
Michelle Day -2
Ian Bone - 2
Total - 13

7 remaining to sell..

Eric in the EU has said he will purchase 2 sets, but I have not received the payment.  Not that I really want to deliver to the EU, but I am going back to Lithuania late July and can ship from there.

If you would like these Seals in July:
 1. Send and email to my Ken@... email saying you want X number.
 2. I will send you an email back with availability and my PayPal Account details.
 3. You pay, and include the address where to ship in the Paypal system.
 4. I send you an email that you have paid, and delivery information.
 5. I ship seals to you.

Before they ship the Instructions for Installation will be complete.  And, I think there should be a Teflon Cap designed to make sure
everything stays in place.  The installation would be difficult to screw up if a properly designed Teflon Cap was installed.

For those of you thinking this is a money making opportunity, it's not.

Cost of goods - $71.50
Cost of Shipping to me - $? But could be about $3 each
Cost of Paypal - $4
Cost of Shipping to you - $5 - $20
Lust so you know.

I do want to sell the remaining 7 and get them off my credit card.  

All the best,

Ken Powers

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