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I am not sure that we have been on the same page. I appreciate that you are trying to describe the process with fool prof detail, but I don’t appreciate the way you have approached me regarding your questions. I will be happy if you contact me privately and clarify the issues that I have already described twice in this string and twice more in the previous string. As I said, I mounted “the Jose” seals (two of them in series); The wiper and the lip seal, and I stated that I thought the order on which they were mounted may not affect much the result.

Again, your interpretation of how I installed the seals is wrong.
I mounted them in the order that can be seen from the picture I appended, First the lip seal and then the wiper on top of it. In fact it is more like in the seal replacement 2 but there you are missing the wiper seal on top of the lip seal. NOTE that the lip seal height is exactly the depth of the cavity, and thus the once the wiper is mounted it will protrude out a few millimeters but, because it is glued the upper surface of the lip seal. it remains solidly attached to it. One alternative approach that may also work is to glue both seals before mounting them.

Once mounted this way, the “lips” of both seals face down and are abut 2 millimeters apart. Also, the combined seal is pretty solid supporting side motions of the trunk.

If you mount the wiper first, it has a height that fills 1/2 the depth of the cavity and its lip extends below the surface of it. This leaves 1/2 of the depth to insert the lip seal and glue it to both the upper surface of the wiper and 1/2 the hight of the side wall of the cavity which will be more than enough.

Now if you want to know what I think, this order of mounting the seals (first the the wiper and then the lip seal) leaves the “lips" of both seals separated vertically by about one centimeter, and the combined seal provides less stiffness supporting side motions of the trunk. The could be better in terms of reducing the friction between the seals and the trunk, perhaps increasing its life span, but I am not sure whether over time the lack of lateral support will be better at preventing water intake.

One thing I know: I still have the same set I ordered originally, mounted in the order I described, and after 4 years I have had no water intake.

I do remember that someone had problems inserting back the trunk because he had not used the wood tool, and that may have damaged the lips of the seals or even partially dislodged them. I am not sure if that person was Steve, but that would explain the initial failure.

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