leaking membrane cap Dessalator

Oscar De Schaetzen <oscar.de.schaetzen@...>

Dear Amelians,

First of all : thank you Bill Rouse for adding me in this group. We've been full-time sailing for 3 years and I only knew about the FaceBook Group. There is much more information in this group!

We are currently in Fiji and we have a leak at the membrane end-cap of our Dessalator Duo 100l/h. To my knowledge, we've never changed the membranes from this watermaker. It now has 676hours. We only changed the oil of the HP pump as well as the O-rings, lip-seals nd a plunger on the HP-CAT pump (as it started leaking last year).

I noticed a small leak of saltwater at the HP tube that is going out of the watermaker after the membranes. I tought : I will undo the hose as well as the 2 screws of the stainless steel part (that is +/- a half-circle) and I put some loctite on the screws. Unfortunately, I made the leak (below the stainless steel part) more important and now it even leaks when I do a manual rincing with fresh water (using the 3-way valve). So If there would be pressure in the membranes, I would spray saltwater everywhere... and thus my watermake is currently out of service... 

My questions :
- Do I need to change the membrane cap (I don't have one in spare) or is it possible to repair the leak?
- I removed the 2 screws that hold the stainless steel part but the stainless steel part didn't come off. Does someone knows if it is possible to remove it? It might be glued / sealed. Because if the answer is yes, I can try to remove it and make it watertight again (with a sillicone gasket or something like that). Has anyone tried that? This could be a temporary solution. Has anyone pictures from the end-cap with the stainless steel part removed? So I can see how it looks inside?

I have written to Dessalator and I await their feedback as well.

I guess I am not the first one with leaking end-caps. So thank you in advance for sharing your experience!!

Kind regards,

Oscar - SV ESTRAN - A54, hull n°4

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