Re: BT SEALS Aquarius

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Below are the people that sent emails first to pay for the seals.  If you missed out you should get a new group of 10 owners and place a new PO.  

Ken 2

Taun 5

Nick 2

Michelle Day 2

Ian Geoffrey Bone 2

Dominique Sery 2

Biffi Stefano 3

Eric Opdeweegh 2

Total Paid  - 20

I am sorry, but I don't have the time required to ship to 40 owners.  

The instructions set has not been completed.  I know only two people that have successfully installed these seals.  One of them had to do it twice, destroying one set in the process. But, the second set has been working for 4000 miles of Ocean sailing.   Another owner said that he had a bad installation, and he removed and replaced the New Silicone seals with the standard lip seal that Amel originally installed.

All of the failed installations probably could have been avoided if a good set of instructions existed.  I will complete a set of instructions before I send out the seals to the seven owners that paid.

I hope that all of the owners with experience installing these seals will respond to the BT Seals Instructions that I have uploaded a few days ago.  Collectively, maybe we can create a good set of instructions.



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