Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>


I did try to contact you personally, but I don't think I have your correct email address (I received it from the manufacturer).  I was a bit upset, because I thought you were ignoring my email.   

Personally, I would like to get the instructions completed and be done with it.  

On page 3,  the Lip Seal is glued in place, and the Wiper is glued on TOP of it. As in your picture, I thought.  Is this the best way to install the two seals, or not? I don't want to have an Option 2 in the final draft of the instruction set.  The seals might not be drawn perfectly, but I hope you can tell the difference between them and their orientation.  I will draw them better after I receive the seals and can personally touch them.

What is your opinion on the weight necessary to set on top of the seals as the sealant cures, or none at all?

I also have had no water intrusion, with the original type seals.  That said, my bow rides higher in the water than it should.  I am in the process of moving the weight around to get my waterline correct.  This re-distribution of weight will put the hole for the bow thruster closer to the water line, and thus, the reason for my interest in your new seal design.  

I hope we can have a sundowner some evening and put this behind us! 


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