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James Watkins

There is a great service.operation in Pula. Commodore and it is VAT free are not EU flagged.

I had quite a bit done with them and it was all well done.

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Jim Watkins
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On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 8:04 AM, Slavko Despotovic
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Good morning,

Dubrovnik marina is part of ACI marinas in Croatia. They are, in Dubrovnik, very busy and one of the most expensive marinas in Croatia. I have done haul out in Marina Portoroz, Slovenia but this would be far for you I assume. Other option is Sukosan near Zadar (100 miles from your current location), They are all very busy and some advance planning is needed. Depends how urgent  is haul out, as well if you will do the work, or you will hire local workers. 
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