Removing mold/mildew from helm seat

Scott SV Tengah

Hi all,

We just returned to Tengah after our longest period away: 4 months.

We had some mold on the helm seat and was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to remove it. I have seen recs to use diluted vinegar or even straight rubbing alcohol or diluted bleach. Any thoughts or experiences? See photo attached.

Overall, the boat is in great shape. We flushed the entire seawater circuit with fresh water. The Volvo engine started right up and my strategy to have the 220V electric dehumidifier run between 70-100% SOC (controlled by Victron BMV-712 and Quattro assistants) worked perfectly and kept the lithium batteries from sitting at the damaging 100% SOC level and also kept the boat completely dry inside despite being at the wettest location in Tahiti. I can expand on this if others have a Victron based system and want to implement something similar when they leave the boat.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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