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Barry Connor

Hi Peter,

From the Quattro 8000 we supply directly to the 220v circuit board and have a completely separate cable/lead to the “Horizon 3” Oven with 3 Induction Hot Plates. Both cables/leads have separate fuses, we do have the oven and hot plates on at the same time. The only change to the 220v circuit board is that no power comes to this circuit board from the AMEL fitted transfer switch “Shore Power or Onan Generator”. This goes straight to the Quattro 8000 for battery charging. We are using the 100Amp charger breaker/switch “top left on the circuit board” for  the electric BBQ. We have not yet maxed out the Quattro 8000. All 220v appliances are now running from the 600 amps of  lithium  batteries through the Quattro 8000.
Generator runs every day as our Solar is max at 900w, this is being upgraded and increased to over 2000w with new stern arch solar panels and new rigid Bimini with solid solar panels (no more flexible solar panels).
As we are running the generator more we have diverted the hot water heating hoses from the Volvo engine to the generator. Hotter water than any element can do, we never use the water heater element now. Just 30 minutes each day on the generator gives boiling  water that lasts 1 day.
Hope this helps.
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Barry and Penny
“SV Lady Penelope II”
AMEL 54. #17
Sainte Anne anchorage Martinique 

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May i put some questions to you who have already installed an inductive cooker?
Re electric installation, did you get a connected load of 4.5KW or are you planning to not use full power ie several plates/oven at the same time? And one more question: did you take power from the 240VAC panel or from somewhere else?

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\Peter Tinér @ sy Maiken A54 #52

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