Jose Venegas


I want to make sure it is clear that this IS NOT my project. More importantly, I have no ego about this and was happy to share my finding with the Amel community.

When I found that the silicone seals worked for me more that a year, after I had struggled with water intake for several years in spite of changing the standard seals several times and, because I was planning to start my cruising life, I decided to order a couple more for me and I posted it in our website to see if any body was interested to I order a few in that batch. After I had a few more people than expected (not as many as you had), I realized as you did that this project was going to take a lot more effort and time in my part that I had thought. However, I still ordered the first batch but I promised to myself that the next batch would be ordered by someone else.
At that time, several people asked me how to install them and I did my best to remember how I had done more than a year before. I am a retired engineer and I took a lot of the steps for granted. I was only after several owners asked my about details of how to instal them that I realized that it was not as simple as it had appeared to me. I also realized that I had missed the point of using the wood device provided by Amel which was key to prevent damaging the seals during installation. I also realized that the order in which the seals were mounted did not seem to matter much since both allow the two seals to work.

Now, in my pre-cruising times I was a scientist and thus I am not willing to make statements which are not proven by experimentation. I know the order I used more than 4 years ago would work fine but it was still possible that the alternative order would work equally well. In fact after receiving the second batch I realized that there were variations in the actual dimensions of the different seals, not something that would affect the sealing action of them, but they could affect the gluing of the two seals together because a small gap could be created between the lip seal and the wiper surfaces that needed to be glued together. Because such difference in dimensions was small, I figured that adding some weight (HOW MUCH, I don’t know, it depends of how much was needed), to close the gap between the two surfaces.

You see Ken, life is not always black and white.

The alternative order does not have that issue but, as I mentioned in a previous post it does not create as much lateral stiffness on the trunk. SO, IT MAY be that the alternative order may work better or worse. ONLY TIME WILL TELL US.

To finish, please don’t think that this is MY project. It is something that I found worked for me and I was happy to share with the Amel community, as I know you do every time you find something that works for you.
I hope we will have the chance to enjoy sundowners some where around the world.


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